Magento and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon web services (AWS) have become the gold standard in hosting and web infrastructure of today’s internet. Their wide range of services including on demand, scalable and flexible hosting solutions makes them an obvious candidate when looking to host any site. This is of particular relevance when it comes to ecommerce and Magento.

The two go hand in hand and when looking to host your Magento site, AWS should be at very least on your shortlist.



Having the ability to scale your ecommerce infracture up and down at the drop of a hat can prove the difference between succeeding and not in a world where uptime is of paramount importance. 

The design and architecture of your AWS solution is one of the most important aspects. If the system is designed correctly with scalability in mind from the start then your solution can grow seamlessly as your ecommerce business does. With the correct knowledge, your AWS solution can be tweaked to get maximum performance from your ecommerce platform.

This is where I come in. With a proven track record of building AWS solutions for Magento 1 and Magento 2 sites, I can help you to deploy the correct solution and make sure that you are ready to grow when your customers need it the most. I can also review your current AWS hosting solution and help to make the most out of your setup.

My services include the provisioning and review of the following AWS services:

  • EC2 web servers
  • RDS databases
  • Elasticache
  • Cloudfront CDN
  • security groups and access policies
  • Set up of deployment pipelines including QA and UAT environments

I can assist your internal team in the use of the infrastructure and help put together a plan for scaling or migrating the solution.

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