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Agile development is something of a buzz phrase when it comes to developing software nowadays but few companies truly leverage the poweer that agile development can offer.

In simple terms one of the principles of agile development is that it empowers your teams deliver rapid iterations of development allowing them to ship completed features in a short period. The emphasis being on completing small ‘slices’ of work over partial completion of larger feature sets.

Working with James was a pleasure. James was very professional in helping our company move to Agile and put systems and processes in place. I highly recommend him if you’re looking for a Magento consultant to steer your project in the right direction.
— Gentian Shero, Shero Commerce

It sounds simple but in reality this can be challenging especially if the team aren’t familiar with the best way to approach this. When it comes to developing solutions with Magento agile development presents it’s own unique set of challenges. I have a proven track record of implementing agile development process within an agency environment specifically when developing solutions with Magneto. I can assist your team to adopt agile methodologies specifically sprint cycles, backlog management and have you delivering work iteratively in no time.  Find out more by getting in touch using the form at the bottom of this page.


The Atlassian Suite

I am a big advocate of the Atlassian suite. Although your toolset should be about 10% of your consideration (the agile manifesto) it is still important to pick tools that enable and streamline your development workflow.

I am experienced in setting up Jira, Bitbucket, Hipchat, Bamboo, Sourcetree etc. to make your internal process smooth and to minimise manual work involved in getting code from your developers machine through to the live environment whilst keeping the process transparent with notifications on completion and visibility on release progress.

I can come in and set these tools up from scratch or simply advise on how these can be best tweaked if they are not currently working for you.


Which project management tool shall I use? Ah the golden question. The reality is there are 101 web applications out there that do a good job of assisting project management from very lightweight Trello, to Team gannt etc.. There is no real silver bullet and often it can be a case of picking what is best for you. Also how you work with the tool can often be the most important factor.

Having said this, Jira is an industry standard and for good reason. It offers a very robust set of tools and plugins that will integrate nicely with you other internal tools (especially dev) and provide important data on project progress.

I can advise on getting setup, which plugins to use for timekeeping, burndowns etc.. as well as getting it to talk to you svm system to smooth the time spent chasing project updates and development process.

Sometimes you need senior technical input from a 3rd party that you can trust. Weather it is someone to advise on selecting the right ERP partner, agency, hosting partner etc..

Often you need someone to join calls, make formal recommendations and help plan development strategies.

I offer an on demand service for these kind of things where on a retainer I can be booked in for smaller windows of time to advise and consult on these all important decisions.

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