Magento 2 Technical Consultancy


Project Roadmapping

Whether your site is already live or still in development, the project roadmap is a key tool in enabling you to make sure the right features are being prioritised first. I can assist in building out a complete project roadmap which can be used as a project reference for all parties so that everyone is aligned on where the project is heading.

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Performance Reviews


Magento 2 boasts a number of significant performance improvements including improved catalog indexing and updated technology stack, make sure that you are getting the most out of the system by allowing me to performance an in depth analysis of your site's performance and scalability.

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Code Reviews


I offer an enterprise-level Magento 2 code review which includes an in depth analysis of your Magento 2 coding standards, security patches, server architecture and 3rd party module usage.

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Upgrade Analysis


Magento is in constant development. In fact following it's initial beta release, Magento's release cycle is even more frequent.  In order to gain the most from the latest Magento 2 features along with critical security patches it is essential to keep your site up to date. I can also assist if you are looking to upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

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My services also include:

  • Refining Magento development processes

  • Magento 2 technical project onboarding

  • Magento 2 training and certification plans

  • Preparing your store for high traffic

Need a Magento 2 developer?

I work with a number of well established Magento agency partners that can help you with anything development related with Magento 2.

Why choose Magento 2?

In 2015 Magento released the second major release of their popular open source ecommerce platform - Magento 2.0. The release came at a time where the previous 1.x version of the software was beginning to feel the downside of it’s outdated technology stack which dated back to 2010, an eternity ago in web years.

After a somewhat rocky initial release Magento 2 has now come into its own and taken its place as one of the most robust, feature rich and scalable ecommerce platforms available on the market today.

It boasts vastly increased speed, better scalability and an updated admin interface compared to Magento 1 making it the obvious choice for any serious merchant looking to future proof their commerce business.

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