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Project Roadmapping

Whether your site is already live or still in development, the project roadmap is a key tool in enabling you to make sure the right features are being prioritised first. I can assist in building out a complete project roadmap which can be used as a project reference for all parties so that everyone is aligned on where the project is heading.

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Performance Reviews


In the world of eCommerce seconds count. I can offer an in depth analysis of your site's performance and scalability along with a set of recommendations highlighting where exactly the bottlenecks lie and how to approach fixing them

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Code Reviews

I offer a comprehensive, enterprise-level Magento code review which includes an in depth analysis of your site's coding standards, security patches, server architecture and 3rd party module usage.

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Upgrade Analysis


Magento is in constant development and in order to gain the most from the latest features along with critical security patches it is essential to keep your site up to date. Whether it be upgrading minor versions or from Magento 1 to Magento 2, I can help plan and guide the upgrade to minimise impact on your site.

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My services also include:

  • Refining Magento development processes

  • Magento technical project onboarding

  • Training plans

  • Preparing for high traffic

Need a Magento developer?

I work with a number of well established Magento agency partners that can help you with anything development related with Magento 1.

All of the partners I work with are Magento Solution partners.

New to Magento?

Magento is the world's largest ecommerce platform by market share with more sites running on the system than any other. Since 2007 it has steadily grown into the world class platform that it is today.

It offers unrivalled scalability, flexibility and extensibility making it a great choice for anyone who is serious about ecommerce. Dating from humble open source roots, it offers both free community and licensed Enterprise editions meaning that regardless of your project requirements Magento can bring a lot to the table. Perhaps one of it’s biggest advantages is it’s rich feature set, large 3rd party module developer community and the extendability that is fundamental to it’s architecture.

Magento released the version 2.0 of their platform 2015 however there are still a large number of merchants on both Community and Enterprise versions of 1.x. Although Magento recommend upgrading to Magento 2 it has announced that it will continue to support Magento 1 for the foreseeable future. This decision is partially driven by the fact the upgrade path to Magento 2 is somewhat complex and the newer version is still relatively fresh meaning some merchants are reluctant to upgrade however this is beginning to change. 

Nonetheless there are still a lot of merchants on Magento 1 creating a need for support and development to continue to be available as an option from providers. 

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