Independent Wordpress Code Audits

Each code audit is enterprise-level, 100% bespoke and carried out personally by James, a certified developer and solution architect. 

This comprehensive document contains a review of every important technical aspect of your site from performance, code quality, security and architecture. 

When is it needed?


My goal is to provide an independent, enterprise-level Wordpress code audit which will provide an extremely detailed and valuable snapshot of exactly how the site has been built, an insight into code quality and most importantly provide a detailed set of recommendations. 

Weather you are moving from an internal development team to an agency or vice versa the code audit can provide insight and act as a reference guide to the team taking over the project. 

Independent and impartial technical analysis

What is included?


It includes: a development run book, performance reviews, modules reviews, security and upgrade overviews, Google Analytics review as well as a clear set of recommendations designed to provide the next steps for your development backlog.

Each audit is completely bespoke. I use a number of tools including static code analysis to review the site code as well as personally deep diving into the code base, bringing over 10 years experience to provide insights to your site architecture. 

Who is it written by?

Every audit is personally written by James Aindow, a certified developer with over 10 years hands on Wordpress development experience.

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